Beef Entrees

(Not responsible for meat cooked past medium)
"All entree's include basmati rice, pita bread and a grilled tomato"
Add $3.50 if the basmati rice is substituted with any of the special rices or mixed vegetables (In sides)
Add $2.75 for 1/2 rice, 1/2 Greek or shirazi salad.
$4.75 for Loobia polo
(If you would like something you don't see, please ask your server)

27. Beef shish kebab $22.95
Chunks of marinated beef tenderloin, skewered with green bell peppers, onions and tomatoes.
28. Koobideh $15.95
A mixture of ground beef
minced onions and seasonings,
skewered and broiled.
29. Loobia polo & koobideh $16.95
Sauteed chunks of beef tenders and green beans simmered in fresh tomato sauce and Persian spices mixed with basmati rice, served with a skewer of koobideh.
30. Barg(Filet mignon kebab) $23.95
12 oz. of the heart of tenderloin sliced, skewered, marinated and broiled.
31. Sultani $26.95
Combination of barg (filet mignon)
and Koobideh (Ground beef).
32. Gyros $14.95
Seasoned beef broiled on a spit and sliced thin. Served with basmati rice & special home made gyros sauce.
33. Naderi (Chicken & beef) $23.95
Marinated filet mignon & chicken tenders put on the same skewer and broiled.
34. Naderi sultani $26.95
Combination of naderi and koobideh.

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